by Frogsuit

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This is a story all about how
My life got flipped turned upside down
So I saw the world different for a minute
the ceiling became the floor
and an adventure, a vision
a passion, a mission, it's madness
adults can't grasp it now think for yourself
What would the world be like turned on it's side
I say water slide, lets get our feet wet
Electric Floor Potential for more
Split yourself 4 ways to get the forth place score
Take it one day at a time, I'm serious
Take a break open your mind are you hearing this
Appearances Stop
The mirror is locked
the deer is shot so here is the clock
11:11 no room for a 13, make a wish
mean it and sing
So Crank, Crack, Crack, Crank the handle
Snuff, Snuff, Snuff out the candle
trinkets go on the mantle
memories and what have you
solar flare to close to the sun
melt the wings off your feet for fun
To pretend that these are the last words that you say
Stop wasting the time on new days

I'm known to fuck up on a daily bases
Remember flashes of those smiling faces
friends I used to play with
but these days it's safe
I'm not afraid of the dangers
of a future filled with grief and depression
at the end of the day, I'm still depressed
and as cynical as before about the world
as it moves forward
I laugh and shrug it off, return to my mood from previously
It's easy to see, at least it's easy for me
why slow down for my past
and let it catch up to me
whats the point of living if your to scared to be
who you want to be see what you want to see

Time don't stop (Time don't stop)
It's got me rivaling my old forehead
Don't focus on the bad and hold on to what you have

I've had enough (I've had enough)
I keep reflecting on the words I've said
You've gotta brake through bad and take a stance

So, I opened up the door and I looked outside
took a deep breath in as my eyes panned the sky
I thought about my life and the time that slipped by
put the pencil to the paper and I started a rhyme
about tax increase and family deceased
it made me trail off and I started to think
that I need a transition so I started the track
I picked up my mic and I picked up my rap
I sang along to the beat
I sang about how my life used to be
back before we had the world on our shoulders
but life goes on and we keep getting older
stopped the song and I listened back
reflected on my lyrics and deleted the track
because you can't let your life get you down
If you can't get passed it
Life gets harder for people no peace, no ease
no relief, just more of the same thing
but I got to keep smiling I won't know defeat
until I push down the walls in front of me
and when the world lets me down with a smile and nod
I won't get angry and blame it on God
I'm gonna keep on smiling till I make my way there
to sit on my throne I'm the prince of Belair

I've had enough (I've had enough)
I keep reflecting on the words I've said
You've gotta brake through bad and take a stance


Joey Zadjino - Vocals/Guitar
Steffen Messenger - Vocals
Duane Zuwala - Vocals/keyboards/Production



all rights reserved


Frogsuit Cincinnati, Ohio

We are Duane Zuwala, Joey Zadjino, and Steffeny Messinger. We make unique music. Call it Frogsuit.

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